ESO services

IDEENION is a design and development company that explores solutions for the future of mobility and transforms ideas into tangible experiences.


Based on the insights of our research, the design team creates a vision for the product. We then refine our initial ideas in an iterative process in close collaboration with all stakeholders. Our expertise covers everything from design language and UX concepts to intricate details and material selection.


Building user-flows, physical mock-ups and VR-simulations helps us to validate our ideas before the final manufacturing. We make sure that all ergonomic requirements are fulfilled and the experience matches our expectations.


Without our engineering team, our ideas would just be ideas. Comprehensive knowledge of electronic and mechanical engineering constitute the link between the design team and our craftsmen. We deliver on our promise that every concept we produce is fully functional.


The main focuses of the software development team include UI/UX Implementation, embedded software development, realtime 3D graphics development and mobile application development.


Excellent craftmanship is in our DNA.

We maintain highest standards of quality throughout every step of the process to deliver products with close attention to detail - from one-off concepts to small batch series production.


Our teams make sure all products arrive at their destination safely. We offer on-location support for our clients and assist with the conception and planning of their exhibition booth.