Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) is a Hong Kong listed company (HKEX stock code: 860) with multinational assets focused on revolutionizing the future of luxury mobility. We are driving a higher standard of luxury mobility by focusing on user-centricity and future technologies through our in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships.

Our strategy

We take a customer centric approach to understanding luxury mobility and the expectations of creating a fully connected lifestyle on the move. Our strategy focuses on leveraging our core skills of design and engineering along with our global strategic partners who have the capabilities to manufacture and distribute premium mobility solutions.

Build Future-Oriented Product Engineering
Leverage in-house competencies of design, engineering and software development to drive the future of new energy luxury mobility.
Utilize Intelligent & Flexible Manufacturing
Work directly with our strategic partners to operationalise our product roadmap.
Share Stable & Safe Supply Chain
Leverage strategic partners' existing relationships for battery and other supply chain requirements.
Create a User-Oriented Luxury Ecosystem
Add value to our users by focussing on maximising luxury mobility experiences and offering customer-focussed services.

Luxury products

The world of mobility will change fundamentally: electric drive and fully-networked transportation with autonomous drive will determine how we move around in future.

Luxury Mobility Vehicles

Focus on Hyper-Design, Hyper-Tech, Hyper-Powertrain for the highest standard of luxury mobility.

Luxury Mobility Experiences

Multi-dimentional mobility solutions for a truly interconnected experience.

Luxury Mobility Services

Strategic partnerships across the globe that link to our product offerings.