Apollo Future Mobility Group and ShanghaiTech University to Cooperate in Smart Mobility Development

(Hong Kong, 16 February 2023) — Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG” or the “Company”, HKEX stock code: 860, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce the Company and ShanghaiTech University signed an agreement to work together in three major areas: Smart Cockpit Project, Smart Mobility Database and Smart Mobility Talent Cultivation. The signing ceremony was held at School of Creativity and Art. Mr. Ho King Fung, Eric, the Chairman and Executive Director of AFMG, and Mr. Qi Zheng Gang, Group General Manager of AFMG and Executive Director, attended the signing ceremony.

The two parties will jointly explore new forms, new technologies and new experiences of future mobility with a view to promoting education and scientific research development for smart mobility in universities and cultivate professional talents in smart mobility to meet enterprises’ needs in terms of talent and development. Based on the principles of honesty and mutual trust, resource sharing and complementary advantages, AFMG and ShanghaiTech University will cooperate in developing smart mobility and jointly build a social environment for the cultivation of innovative talents, with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility. The two parties will also promote the development of university education and scientific research, with the aim of creating a win-win cooperation in terms of social and economic benefits.

Mr. Ho King Fung, Eric, the Chairman and Executive Director of AFMG speaking at the signing ceremony said, “The Group is delighted to have reached an agreement with the ShanghaiTech University. This cooperation will provide an opportunity for the Company and ShanghaiTech University to further develop multi-level, multi-faceted and multi-disciplinary cooperation, promote in-depth integration between industry, academia and research, and jointly cultivate talents needed for economic and social development. We are confident that through the unremitting exploration in smart mobility, both parties will work together to unlock a more technological, intelligent and new energy mobility future.”

Mr. Jiang Ge, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of ShanghaiTech University, said: "The report of the 20th Party Congress has put education, science & technology and talents into a 'trinity' of integrated arrangement and deployment. This cooperation will give the advantages of school-enterprise collaboration to jointly carry out forward-looking design research, technology exploration and practice, intelligent design and other practical exploration of the combination of education and industry in the field of smart mobility. It also promotes the development of university education and research, aims to cultivate more scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial talents for the society.”

Utilising advantages of school-enterprise collaboration to achieve win-win cooperation for social and economic benefits

According to the agreement, the project will leverage AFMG's planning and layout of luxury smart electric passenger cars (WESail New Energy Automotive Co. Ltd will be the main implementer of AFMG in China)and related virtual ecology, combined with the resource and advantages in design, scientific research and innovative talents of ShanghaiTech University (The School of Creativity and the Art will be the main implementer of the collaboration), with a focus on smart mobility, forward-looking research in the development of intelligent cockpits and an in-depth cooperation to cultivate talent. The University will redefine the form, function, interaction and experience of the intelligent cockpit for use in future scenario of automatic driving popularity. It will also produce physical models to provide a forward-looking reference for AFMG's mobility strategy planning. Being the lead in implementing the talent cultivation project, AFMG's German or Japanese design and mobility technology R&D companies and teams will provide the curriculum and practical scenarios to support the development of senior researcher and professional talents in automotive design and smart mobility.

The School of Creativity and Art at ShanghaiTech University aims to develop an institute of higher education that is at the forefront of our country. We will be fully engaged internationally to promote innovation and collaboration of design and creative arts with advanced science and technology to provide a pioneering platform for study, research, experiment, exchange, growth and breakthroughs. The school has an undergraduate programme in industrial design (intelligent design and entertainment design) and a minor in interaction design, featuring interdisciplinary teaching and in-depth integration of technology and art, with the aim of cultivating innovative design talents and industry leaders.

Building a Smart Mobility Creative Space Station, Empowering New Forms of Future Mobility

WESail New Energy Automotive Co. Ltd is the core subsidiary of AFMG in the domestic luxury smart electric passenger car ecosystem. AFMG as a leading international hypercar manufacturer and mobility technology solution provider, officially announced its entry into the luxury smart electric passenger car segment in August last year, redefining luxury smart mobility with a new strategic vision. In particular, AFMG aims to create a sustainable, real-time, decentralised, co-creative, seamlessly integrated and connected "future mobility" by linking the virtual and the physical space.

ShanghaiTech University and AFMG will effectively combine the development trends of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other technologies to explore new concepts, new ideas and new forms in smart mobility to jointly create the "Smart Mobility Creative Space Station" and promote AFMG’s technological research and innovation in mobility to make "future mobility" possible. At the same time, the project will also serve as a foundation and a source of creativity for both parties’ joint IP resources.

This cooperation can give the advantages of university-enterprise collaboration full play, promote higher education contributing to society and make better communication with enterprises and allow the creativity of new generation of designers’ to be showcased on AFMG’s international platform. Driven by innovation and technology, we are building a new generation of luxury smart electric passenger cars for the AFMG domestic market, and effectively connecting the training of higher education students with the needs of industry talent, jointly promoting social innovation and development.