Apollo Future Mobility Group’s new Chinese company name comes into effect to reflect better the Group’s strategy as a leading smart mobility services provider

[Hong Kong, 26 September, 2022] — Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG”, the “Company”, HKEX stock code: 860, together with subsidiaries, the “Group”) announces that its company name in Chinese has been changed to ‘‘Apollo智慧出行集團有限公司’’ with effect from 26 August 2022, in order to reflect better the Group’s strategy as a leading smart mobility services provider and to align the Group’s Chinese name with its English name ‘‘Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited’’ which remains unchanged.

The Chinese stock short name of the Company will be changed from ‘‘力世紀’’ to ‘‘APOLLO出行’’ for trading in the Shares on the Stock Exchange with effect from 9:00 a.m. on 29 September 2022. The English stock short name of the Company ‘‘APOLLO FMG’’, the stock code of the Company ‘‘860’’ and the website of the Company (www.apollofmg.com) remain unchanged.

Mr. Ho King Fung, Eric, Chairman of AFMG, said, “We are extremely excited to see this move for AFMG’s new Chinese company name to become official. It represents determination and confidence of the management team in the field of smart mobility. The Group believes the Chinese company name change can reflect better our strategies of becoming the leading smart mobility services provider, promote and strengthen our corporate image and identity, enabling the Group to further capture potential business opportunities for its future development.

The Group considers the Chinese company name change an extension of its Apollo EV strategic plan released in August, adhering the user-centric concept to establish AFMG's luxury smart mobility business architecture. With its hypercar technologies as the core, AFMG is nurturing hypercars, ecosystems, engineering consulting and luxury EVs as its four core businesses.

End-user experience is always the core of smart mobility and the focus of AFMG's tireless exploration. The Group will continue to use cutting-edge technology to define and create a luxury smart mobility ecosystem, and at the same time allow users to reshape our future mobility beyond their imagination.”