Legendary hypercar Apollo unveils new energy strategy and redefines luxury electric vehicles

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Legendary hypercar Apollo unveils new energy strategy
and redefines luxury electric vehicles

【Hong Kong, 18 August, 2022 】 — Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG”, the “Company”, HKEX stock code: 860, together with subsidiaries, the “Group”) held today in Shanghai a global strategy conference. Mr. Ho King Fung, Eric, Group Chairman and Executive Director, announced the Group’s global strategic footprint planning, indicating AFMG’s official entry into the luxury electric vehicle (“EV(s)”) market. Mr. Qi Zhenggang, Marcus, Group General Manager and Executive Director, outlined AFMG's mobility ecosystem based on motor vehicles, cultivating smart mobility experiences that integrate virtual and real interfaces. AFMG will redefine smart mobility with a "pursue at liberty afforded by super-dimensional technology” vision.

AFMG unveiled a new strategy for its entry into luxury EVs

AFMG hosted a global strategy conference in Shanghai, unveiling officially the Group’s global strategic foothold planning, its smart mobility ecosystem, luxury battery electric vehicle (“BEV(s)”) business, etc. These redefines smart mobility with a new strategic vision for its relentless expansion into the new energy vehicles (“NEV(s)”) sector. AFMG will contemplate bridging of the real and digital worlds from the three aspects of "cockpit experience, user community, and virtual world ecosystem services”, and build a future world of sustainable, real-time, user-generated, decentralized virtual-real combination and seamless connection.

Released the new EV product roadmap with the first EV model being unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show

In order to meet users’ increasing demand on mobility, AFMG released the Apollo EV strategic plan, focusing on the three major directions for luxury BEVs, mobility and lifestyle services, and the Metaverse, adhering the user-centric concept to establish AFMG's luxury BEV business architecture. Meanwhile, it has developed a long-term plan for new models, targeting to release at least one model every year. Its product range will cover roadsters, sedans, crossover vehicles and mobility vehicles. The models will support deep customization to meet users’ demand for personalization from the three dimensions of hardware, software and services.

AFMG will unveil a Roadster EV as the first model signaling its expansion to luxury BEV business at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2022 and will launch it officially in early 2024 . This model will inherit Apollo’s hypercar DNA. It is a drivable concept car and an interesting technology toy featuring carbon-fiber bodyworks in a two-door pure electric smart sports car and impactful aesthetics design concepts with a cool outlook and minimalist futuristic interiors.

Favored by investors of different backgrounds and receiving full support from shareholders

AFMG has attracted much attention since its establishment and is recognized by the world's top-notch investors. As a Hong Kong listed company, its key shareholders include well-known Hong Kong- and Macau-based investors, state-owned investment companies in China, etc. At the strategy conference, AFMG announced that the Group’s strategy of expansion into BEV has received full support from multiple shareholders including Shanghai Alliance Investments. These investors will render assistance in capital, industrial resources, manufacturing knowhows, etc., to jointly facilitate early debut of the Apollo luxury EV.

This infusion of capital focusing on investment and financing in technological innovations enables AFMG to build a sufficiently scaled ecosystem with comprehensive hardware and software on market and technology levels, and efficiently collaborate with global partners to jointly cultivate a forward-looking luxury mobility ecosystem.

New leaders of the AFMG team have deep understandings in the automotive industry

Mr Marcus Qi, General Manager and Executive Director of AFMG, is a veteran of the automotive industry. From 2008 to 2012 , he steered the joint venture project between Fiat Group and GAC Group as the platform director and led the powertrain project. Between 2015 and 2018, as one of the core members of WM Motor's founding team, he led the development of WM Motor's first mass-produced model EX5. From 2018 to 2021, he joined the founding team of Hycan (formerly GAC NIO) as the vice president of R&D, leading the development of the first mass-produced model HYCAN007. In 2021, Mr. Qi served as Executive General Manager of the Voyager/ Didi and GAC Group joint venture project, responsible for the joint venture’s establishment, and facilitated commercialization of China's first L4 mass-produced Robotaxi project, including domestic driverless mobility services. Since 14 February, 2022, Mr. Qi has been serving as General Manager and Executive Director of AFMG, integrating the world's top resources into luxury smart mobility to drive the Group’s development in areas of new energy, smart technologies and ecosystem establishment.

Global footprint evolves into a business landscape with core activities

AFMG has very deep footprint in the automotive industry and ascribed pedigrees of Europe's top hypercars. Its hypercar brand Apollo has given birth to a range of legendary hypercars, and is known as "King of the Nurburgring Race Track". Based on its understanding of perfect car and unrelenting passion and pursuit of motorsport artform, Apollo aspires to bring to drivers the most authentic driving experience and the purest sensory stimulus. Apollo IE, the world's first full-carbon fiber manufactured hypercar exhibited at the 2020 Shanghai International Import Expo, has achieved a breakthrough of reaching 100 km/h within 2.7 seconds, and has a top speed of 335KPH .

At the press conference, Mr. Ho, Chairman and Executive Director of AFMG said, "In the future, based on this strong hypercar DNA and long-term technology accumulation, at the crossroads of revolution of the automotive industry, The King of the Nurburgring Race Track will activate again, focusing on new energy and technology development that redefines luxury smart mobility.” Meanwhile, he pointed out that AFMG has entered a data-driven smart mobility 3.0 era with six core competences: design, technology, capital, global management team, ecosystem partners and user-driven thinking.

AFMG started with hypercars and goes beyond hypercars. As the initiator and practitioner of smart future mobility, in the process of building a smart mobility ecosystem, AFMG will roll out a luxury smart mobility ecosystem on a global scale. With its hypercar technologies as the core, AFMG builds hypercars, ecosystems, engineering consulting and BEVs as its four core business.

In addition to hypercar and BEV businesses, AFMG will cooperate with global partners Divergent , GLM and EV Power to jointly establish a forward-looking luxury mobility ecosystem. Meanwhile, it will work with industry partners in autonomous driving, AI algorithms, and Metaverse to create better, smarter, and more exquisite mobility and service experiences.

In terms of engineering consulting, Ideenion, as a well-known German automotive engineering consultancy, is engaged in design, development and manufacturing of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and NEVs. With rich technology accumulation, it provides engineering outsourcing services for many luxury automotive brand customers around the world.

Redefine luxury smart mobility

AFMG believes that the core of future mobility must not confined to vehicles but including people, objects and even information that need to be moved round. It connects resources, needs, roles and scenarios, and through innovation and digitization, will endow mobility with new logics and boundaries, enabling construction and deconstruction of a new mobility space, connecting the real and digital worlds, and providing user service experience in multi-dimensional mobility scenarios.

From mobility to lifestyles, AFMG provides a full range of luxury services, aiming at becoming the exclusive partner of users for mobility living. Whether it is traditional mobility on roads or MaaS in the future, it provides a butler-style integrated service system to create exquisite mobility experiences for users. AFMG plans to successively launch exclusive butler services for car owners, luxury smart mobility rental services, ecological selections and other services, focusing on user's entire mobility experiences, and creating a 3.0 user operation community and personalized service ecosystem. AFMG plans to bridge the virtual and real worlds from the three dimensions of cockpit experience, user community, and virtual world ecological services, and create a sustainable, real-time, decentralized, mutually creative virtual-real combination and seamless connection to the "future world". Through products and services it provides, AFMG stays abreast of needs and experience of users, connects users and creates new possibilities.

In addition, the proposed plan for AFMG to change its name in Chinese to “Apollo智慧出行集團有限公司” corresponds to its English name and represents the determination and confidence of the new management team in the field of smart mobility. Users are always the core of smart mobility and the focus of AFMG's tireless exploration. It can be seen from the corporate vision "pursue at liberty afforded by super-dimensional technology” that AFMG’s understanding of future mobility is to use the most advanced technology to define and create a mobility ecosystem, and at the same time allow users to reshape our future mobility beyond their imagination.

The future is the era of digital intelligence and the era of awakening. As the leader of smart mobility, AFMG is looking forward to bringing to the world different surprises.

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