AFMG Navigates a Brand-new Mobility Experience for the Future with Innovations Showcased in CIIE 2021

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 APOLLO FUTURE MOBILITY GROUP Navigates a Brand-new Mobility Experience for the Future with Innovations Showcased in CIIE 2021 

(5 November 2021, Hong Kong) Apollo Future Mobility Group Limited (“AFMG”, the ‘‘Company’’; SEHK stock code: 860; and together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the opening day of the 4th China International Import Expo (“CIIE”), being held from 5 November to 10 November 2021 in Shanghai. AFMG’s participation in CIIE 2021 marks cementing recognition of the Group’s positioning as a global transformative integrated mobility solutions provider. The Group showcased the latest batch of its landmark proprietary innovations in this year’s event among some 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions. 

A Roadmap to the Future of Performance and Mass Electric Mobility 

AFMG is navigating visitors’ roadmap to an innovative mobility experience via exhibits in its CIIE 2021 booth, sitting at the heart of the 30,000-sq.m. automobile exhibition hall. When visitors arrive at the AFMG booth they are immediately greeted by Apollo Project EVO and Apollo EVision S. They are invited to witness the signature design motifs and details of the Group’s next-generation mobility innovations via Apollo Project EVO for the performance segment and via Apollo EVision S for the mass electric mobility segment. The EVision concept, a premium electric sports coupé, outlines a future product roadmap that essentially defines the transition to clean-air mobility, taking the best of the ‘Intensa Emozione’ design and technical philosophy showcased in Apollo’s hyper-cars in a more approachable, usable and universal package. These are further illustrated in an Apollo EVision X concept film shown on the main screen in the booth. 

Visitors’ interests to explore more are then captured in the AAT Zone where the Crate Powertrain, the Group’s latest compact electric vehicle (“EV(s)”) technology and the Mule Chassis, the all-carbon monocoque of the Apollo Intensa Emozione (“Apollo IE”) are exhibited. The visitors will then be attracted to an avant-garde SIM Race Module featuring the Apollo IE hypercar in the Forza Horizon 4 race game. They are welcome to take the driving seat and complete a lap or two in this exhilarating car, regarded by many gamers as the best and ultimate racing engine in Forza.

At the UME Barista Zone visitors are served barista-grade coffee by Belray Coffee from a “food truck” style UME vehicle to dive deeper into AFMG’s mission to empower individuals and other entities with sustainable, electric mobility. 

AFMG Booth Highlights 

Apollo Project EVO 

The successor of the critically acclaimed Apollo IE hypercar, The Project EVO is commissioned with a simple brief to deliver raw emotion without compromise. It features an advanced carbon monocoque and a handling package that ensure raw power and emotional aesthetics are matched by peerless handling and driving dynamics. 

The dominant, star-shaped daytime running lights introduce a new fascia signature detail for Apollo Automobile brand. The rear design celebrates 6 points of light illumination to communicate power and speed. Three large circular exhaust pipes express the raw power of the vehicle from a dead-rear angle. A full suite of active aerodynamics includes a large deployable and adjustable rear spoiler, aero fins and triangular air-intakes that dominate the profile view of the vehicle. The Apollo Project EVO is a dramatically sculpted piece of design that always continues to offer an intense and emotional visual experience. 

Apollo EVision S

A progressive showcase of Apollo Automobile’s vision for the future of electric mobility, the EVision concept takes the best of the Apollo IE design and technical philosophy showcased in Apollo’s hypercars and overlays this into a more approachable and universal package for daily use. At Apollo EVision S, the iconic design feature of growing encapsulated triangles, “Fast Forward” is inspired by a volcano eruption. The tension between the growing scale of the elements builds up a very dynamic surface image which is pushing forward. The four-seater setup of Apollo EVision S with a length of < 5m and a width of <2m gives a high usability even for families and a great and bold appearance on the street. It demonstrates Apollo’s trajectory towards new clean-air powertrains. 

The Crate Powertrain Demonstrator 

The Crate Powertrain, developed by Apollo Advanced Technologies (AAT) embodies AAT’s innovations that empower the transition to 800V systems for EVs. It features a 3 in 1 Dual Inverter (1 PDU & 2 Inverters) utilising the latest generation 800v Silicon Carbide Technology for high efficiency. 2 entirely new 800V Axial Flux E-Motors are mounted within the chassis and coupled with planetary gearboxes, provide a compact and elegant transmission unit. This demonstrator presents a unique dual-motor layout with torque vectoring, replacing the heavy and complex differential assembly, that gives OEM customers significant flexibility for drivetrain integration into both new and existing vehicle systems. 

Apollo All-carbon Monocoque Chassis

By using advanced technologies and composite materials, designers created a first of its kind bespoke, all-carbon-fiber chassis consisting not only of the monocoque, but subframes and crash structures. The new chassis meets and exceeds FIA LMP2 (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or International Automobile Federation Le Mans Prototype 2) safety requirements and features a carbon mono-cell, providing the driver protection without the requirement for a roll-cage. The chassis is hand-built using a high-quality prepreg-autoclave and advanced carbon fiber technology. Additionally, the fuel cell resides in a carbon/Kevlar safety cell integrated into the monocoque, ensuring the protection of the fuel cell in the event of an impact. 

UME (Universal Mobility Electrified) Barista 

This is the first proof-of-concept vehicle for this progressive and important innovation in the last-mile delivery (Urban Delivery Vehicle) showcased in CIIE 2020, but under a unified brand UME (Universal Mobility Electrified), with the mission to provide mobility solutions for everyone. UME has become a global brand after its Urban Delivery Vehicle won the title of “Best of Best” in the “Transportation” category in the Automotive Brand Contest 2021 organized by German Design Council. 

The UME on display is equipped with barista coffee making facilities and barista grade coffee sponsored by Belray Coffee. Visitors are invited to relax themselves after witnessing all cutting-edge technologies showcased in the booth, post on social media about the UME and other exhibits for a complimentary coffee and experience with this novel application for the technology. The UME Barista show how merchants can make use of UME’s modular design to create compelling, engaging and sustainable mobility solutions for a wide range of vehicle classes and function. 

Ho King Fung Eric, Chairman of Apollo Future Mobility Group, comments, “The exciting yet practical innovations we exhibited at CIIE 2021 are showcasing to our industry peers and partners a roadmap for the future of performance and mass electric mobility. AFMG has cemented its positioning as an enabler of accelerated innovation in the automotive industry. We have accomplished this by empowering a global network of the best technical minds to deliver advanced solutions and proprietary technology to answer a global requirement to deliver a mobility transition that will define many generations to come. Our Group delivers a full suite of services to the industry that accelerate innovation, ranging from design, engineering, simulation, prototyping, prototype testing to all the way to pre-production prototypes.

“We are honored to have business elites, officials from Government departments and distinguished guests from other organizations who visited our booth today and we welcome all to visit us in the coming days.” 

AFMG Booth No.: Automobile zone 2.1C7-002